Director of Ministry

This job has now expired
St Barnabas Church, 913 High Road, London

We are seeking a dynamic proven ordained leader to take a developing pivotal leadership role at St Barnabas North London at a significant moment of our journey.

St Barnabas is a vibrant charismatic evangelical church with a dynamic missional outlook. Already the largest church in the Edmonton episcopal area and one of the larger New Wine churches, we are positioning ourselves to become a major centre for church-planting and mission to reach North London and beyond. Having relocated onto North Finchley High Road a year ago, we are now eager to seize the incredible opportunities in front of us – the harvest is plentiful.

Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Leading and preaching
  • Leading and overseeing Sunday congregations
  • Vision casting
  • Playing a full part in the leadership of the church

Adult Church Discipleship and Pastoral Care:

  • Developing discipleship programme/structure for the adult membership
  • Developing and overseeing the network of small groups
  • Ensuring the recruitment, training and supervision of group leaders
  • Developing and overseeing a pastoral team
  • Encouraging entire church to take on a lifestyle of caring for each other
  • Crisis pastoral situations


  • Assisting in fulfilling our role as a Resource Church engaged in strategic church-planting
  • Facilitating and overseeing community mission projects
  • Training and Discipleship roles:
  • Mentoring identified key future leaders
  • Involvement in training courses and seminars

Staff responsibilities:

  • Line managing staff
  • Leading staff meetings (when the Vicar is absent)
  • Coordinating pastoral care and discipleship of the St Barnabas staff
  • Recruitment, training and supervision of staff


  • Ensuring Sunday worship services are inspiring and God focussed
  • Oversight and line management of worship staff

Other duties:

  • Leading occasional offices
  • Leading 8.30am Communions at St Bs
  • Attending various clergy, New Wine Network and other meetings

Person Specification

  • Leadership qualities - Visionary, inspirational, resilience, drive, efficiency, capacity to lead a large church
  • Communication qualities - Engaging communicator including preaching skills
  • Management style - Enabler, problem solver, delegator, doer
  • Ability to lead a team and be a team player - Development and delegation skills, empowering and supportive leadership style, natural collaborator
  • Personal characteristics - Charisma, emotional intelligence, generous, releasing, ability to build relationships, humble, fun
  • Theology -Committed to both word and spirit
  • Big faith Prayerful and full of faith, expecting great things of God; able to live and lead in the "now and the not yet"


  • Leadership skills - Including experience in recruiting, training, deploying and motivating other leaders
  • Spiritual leadership - Including experience in leading ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit

  • Management and development of staff - Able to draw together a great team and be a team player

  • Financial Management and Fundraising skills - Including budget setting and keeping; able to make effective big financial asks

  • Vision formation - Casting, communication and delivery

  • Good preaching ability - Particularly to congregations or groups of over 200 people

  • Leadership (lay or ordained) within one or more large churches - Including how they are led, run and communicated to; track record of leading something that has grown

Training and Qualifications

  • An ordained priest within the Church of England
  • Completed initial Ministerial Education

Closing date: 4 November

Interview date: 14 November

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