Team Rector of the Benefice of Great and Little Coates with Bradley

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Great and Little Coates with Bradley

"Together in growth, witness and worship"


The Rt Revd Dr David Court, the Bishop of Grimsby, writes...

Thank you for taking time to look at this particular post within the Diocese of Lincoln. As one of the largest dioceses in the country, stretching from the Humber Estuary in the north to the Wash in the south, we are home to a population of just over 1,000,000 people living in a variety of different settings, from the urban centres of Grimsby and Cleethorpes and Scunthorpe, to the City of Lincoln, to the market towns, the coastal strip, the new housing developments and the many, many small villages that mark our landscape. All are equally important to us, and we are seeking to serve in making known the good news of Jesus that has been entrusted to us.

In preparation for our recent ‘peer review’ we put together our diocesan mission and vision statements and summarised our intention as follows: ‘Our aim is to grow the Church, in both numbers and depth, through attention to what we see as our core tasks of faithful worship, confident discipleship and joyful service with the vision of being a healthy, vibrant, sustainable church which leads to transformed lives and communities across greater Lincolnshire, making a difference in God’s world. To that end, as a diocese we shall support, encourage and enable local parishes, benefices and mission communities to fulfil, within this framework, their own unique calling to serve in mission the community or communities in which they are set’.

In short, we don’t believe in a big top-down diocesan masterplan. We do believe, however, in supporting and encouraging our parishes in the development of their own plans, which we will then seek to support and encourage using central diocesan resources, as we are able.

With this in mind, we have begun an ambitious programme to try and increase the number of good quality, creative stipendiary clergy in the diocese by almost 50%, and we have established a regular pattern of episcopal visitations and Ministerial Development Reviews to show our support and commitment to those serving in parish ministry. We have established the principle that we are a ‘learning diocese’, and are actively creating and investing in ‘learning communities’ according to the different ‘character areas’ in which we operate so that we can learn from and support each other. We are committed to the principle of mission action planning and have a small team who can assist parishes with this. We have also released some of our historic resources to enable parishes to apply for funding so as to help them in making those plans a reality, in addition to also using some of those resources to invest in good-quality continuing ministerial development and clergy well-being.

At a recent inter-diocesan learning community we described ourselves as ‘Having a go!’ This feels like an accurate description of what we want to see happen, and the kind of clergy we want to see in the diocese.

We are not unaware of the challenges we face. On an average Sunday across the diocese we connect with only 1.4% of the population of our parishes, a figure that is also reflected in this particular group of parishes, but we are committed to ‘having a go’, to sharing what we know to be the good news of Jesus to the different communities we are here to serve. If this resonates with you, then please read on...

A Parish Overview

We are a team of churches situated on the western part of Grimsby. Within our Parish there is a mix of suburban housing estate, areas of high deprivation and a rural village. We are within 15 minutes of the town centre facilities, major shops, museum and railway station. 25 minutes from the Cleethorpes, resort we also benefit from being close to the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds - a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

We have a passionate commitment to our community, our church community and our charitable work. Our churchwardens, Readers, PCC/DCC members and congregations are involved in numerous activities which support our shared ministry and enhance the smooth running of our parish. This includes funeral and bereavement ministries, representation on local groups, home and residential home visits and communion, leading relaxation afternoons, school visits, verger roles, production of pew sheets, deanery synod representation and some unpaid secretarial assistance. We are proactive in keeping up to date with Church policies and guidance.

Our churches use common worship with some more modern ‘fresh expressions’ of liturgy. Clergy normally wear chasuble and stole for Eucharistic ministry and we have a full round of Easter services. We have two excellent organists and music is an important part of our worship although not from a choral tradition.

We are active in mission whilst striving to maintain and develop our team identity and sense of Christian community. We are flexible and open to new ideas and insights. We have worked alongside a variety of different priests and curates who have all brought different ideas and types of ministry. We are always looking for new opportunities and ways to take our Mission Action Plan forward. We recently appointed a Team Vicar with a job description that included a substantial emphasis on mission.

Our Mission Statement

Our three churches are working together

  • To help our local communities flourish
  • To help Christian people develop and grow
  • To find new ways to witness
  • To work closely with others
  • To make our buildings widely available

The New Rector’s Role

  • A leader who is foremost collaborative in style, who will minister alongside our lay ministry and volunteers. A person who enables others with gifts in training, mentoring and spiritual guidance. Someone who will bring out the best in us and allow their ministry to be shaped in a team environment.
  • An individual with strengths in administration (and oversight of three churches).
  • A person with a deep personal faith rooted in scripture and sacrament. An individual who will enhance our understanding of our own faith and worship. Someone who is versatile in their approach to worship and can help us develop our fresh expressions of worship.
  • A leader who will inspire us in our service to God, developing our team by evolving the work we are already undertaking and bringing new insight.
  • A priest who is adept in pastoral care and a good listener. A compassionate individual who would be accepting of our open policy regarding occasional offices. A leader who promotes equality and diversity.
  • A representative for our churches who will actively engage with the needs of our parish and community (around 19 000 people.) A person who will further our community involvement ensuring equal weight and attention are given to our community service and to the needs of our worshipping congregations
  • An individual who will attend to their own personal and professional development as a way of enhancing their own growth and strengths.
  • Amid the challenges of ministry, a priest who can still maintain a sense of humour and look for the positives.

Candidates wishing to get a flavour of our parish are warmly invited to make an overnight stay either before or at the time of the interviews. A tour of the parish and area can be arranged for you. (Tel 01472 884111 or 01469 561082)

For more information about this application process, please use this link

The Diocese of Lincoln is the Church of England in Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

The diocese covers 2,673 square miles and has a population of 943,000. There are around 31,000 people on the Church Electoral Rolls. There are more than 220 clergy and lay workers serving 240 benefices with 514 parishes and 630 church buildings.

The diocesan central office is at Edward King House in Lincoln. There is a staff team at Edward King House that works to support the life and ministry of the diocese.

Closing Date: 17th November

Interview Date: 8th January

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