This job has now expired
5 Secretary's Ln, Gibraltar

The Dean will have a key role in welcoming Anglicans who were habitual attenders at the King’s Chapel to make their home at the Cathedral. Following the closure of the King’s Chapel, the Cathedral will assume the responsibility of hosting some of the key annual military services, such as Trafalgar and Battle of Britain commemorations. There needs to be an exploration about the viability of a Sunday School and work with young persons. There is scope for the development of the profile of the Cathedral in the territory, making it a vital part of Gibraltar civic, cultural, musical, artistic as well as spiritual life.

To fulfil the calling & responsibilities of the clergy as described in the Canons, the Ordinal, the Code of Professional Conduct for the Clergy, and other relevant legislation. To collaborate with the Bishops, Archdeacon, Area Dean and any ordained and lay colleagues in any initiative within the Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery. To develop the local church’s mission. To ensure the provision of a high standard of worship, preaching and pastoral care.

Roles, tasks, challenges, committees specific to this post:

  • To focus on the pastoral care of the congregation, including visiting of sick in homes and hospital and prison B. To undertake other Occasional Offices
  • To re-establish links with education
  • Encourage and provide leadership and to re-vitalise the Church in Gibraltar
  • To develop youth programmes and work with children
  • Raising the profile of the Cathedral to increase attendance, interest and involvement in the life of the Church, including the integration of the former King’s Chapel congregation into the Cathedral congregation.
  • To provide inspiring worship and promote the use of music
  • To relate to the work of the Mediterranean Mission to Seafarers and the Port Chaplain
  • To participate actively in inter-faith, ecumenical and civic duties including liaison with HM Governor of Gibraltar and Chief Minister
  • To play a constructive role in the Bishop’s Staff Meeting, Bishop’s Council and Diocesan Synod
  • To oversee fund-raising and the finances of the Cathedral.

Qualifications / Training


  • A priest within the Church of England or a Church in Communion with the Church of England
  • To have had experience at incumbent level for at least five years and preferably in a senior role.


Candidates equipped for this role will be able to demonstrate experience in the following areas:


  • Has well-developed social skills and can relate to people from different backgrounds including civic society and to be able to network
  • An ability to grow and sustain a congregation
  • Has highly developed pastoral ability and able to relate well to those who are vulnerable


  • The ability to lead strategically and enable lay people to share in the identification of priorities and how to achieve them
  • Has the ability to lead inspiring and imaginative worship and able to adapt for differing situations
  • Can work collaboratively with the Canons of the Cathedral and the Pro-Cathedrals


Candidates will be able to demonstrate that they have the following skills/competencies:


  • Committed to pastoral care and to reaching out to those in need

  • Able to work ecumenically and with people of other faiths

  • Able to preach thought-provoking and challenging sermons


  • The ability to communicate well using different media including computer and social media and also broadcasting (radio and TV)
  • Has the knowledge and ability to further develop the musical tradition of the cathedral
  • An accomplished administrator and possessing financial acumen