St Paul's Cathedral Visitor Experience Manager (Volunteers)

This job has now expired
Fixed Part-time
£20544 (FTE £34,240)

This is a new part-time role within the Visitor Experience team which focuses on supporting our indispensable team of over 160 Visitor Experience Volunteers and Guides and aims to ensure we provide a warm and inclusive welcome to each and every visitor and the highest standards of visitor experience on the Cathedral floor. The post-holder works collaboratively with the Cathedral’s central Volunteer Coordinator and under the umbrella of Cathedral-wide volunteer policies and procedures. There are teams of Visitor Experience Volunteers here each day of the week from Sunday to Saturday and the Visitor Experience Manager (Volunteers) works flexibly over the whole week to have regular day-to-day contact with the Volunteer Team Leaders and wider volunteer team members. The post-holder is responsible for monitoring and managing the resourcing of volunteers, working with HR on recruitment; and for the highest quality guided tours, working with the Training and Development Officer ensure volunteers are trained, including through the formal Guide Training Programme.

St Paul's draws together a very diverse set of activities, projections and aspirations. It is the Cathedral of the Diocese of London and the seat of its Bishop, a national church and an international spiritual focus, a space for worship and holiness, a place of debate and challenge, an icon of resilience in the face of adversity, an architectural heritage centre, a partner in the City of London, and a commercial enterprise. In addition to holding four services every day (five on Sundays), St Paul's is open for sight-seeing six days a week, and in 2018 welcomed over 850,000 paying visitors.

The Visitor Experience Manager (Volunteers) is responsible for:

  1. Managing day-to-day working relationships with Cathedral Floor Volunteer Team Leaders (x 13) who co-manage the Visitor Experience Volunteers and Guides; building effective relationships with the wider volunteer team members (approximately 10-15 per day from Sunday to Saturday), providing guidance, direction, support and nurture.
  2. Ensuring that the volunteers are deployed throughout the Cathedral according to agreed plans and that the requirements for booked tours or special events are communicated in a timely manner to the Volunteer Team Leader or team members as appropriate.
  3. Ensuring effective two-way communication with volunteers, in line with wider internal communication policies and plans, maintaining regular face-face contact and support via email, post or other media; responding to volunteer feedback.
  4. Working in collaboration with HR and the Volunteer Coordinator to implement the Cathedral's volunteer strategy, ensuring the volunteer policies and procedures are applied to the Visitor Experience Volunteers and Guides.
  5. Ensuring all administration and record-keeping in relation to Visitor Experience Volunteers is carried out in a timely and efficient way, including issuing and receipt of key documents, policies and other useful information about the Cathedral and its activities.
  6. Working with the Volunteer Team Leaders to monitor and assess volunteer performance and, where needed, identify additional support or training needs, resources required or other actions.
  7. Liaising with the Sales Administrator to provide guides for external groups and clergy and out of hours bookings.
  8. Coordinating the quarterly Volunteer Team Leaders’ meetings, and using the outcomes of these meetings to further improve and develop the team.
  9. Following up on sickness and other situations of personal challenge, liaising with the Chaplain and/or HR as necessary.
  10. In conjunction with the Head of Visitor Experience, Volunteer Team Leaders and HR, administering the planning and logistics for volunteer recruitment, consistent with our recruitment policy, including Safer Recruitment.
  11. In collaboration with the Training and Development Officer, planning and administering induction and training, ensuring the volunteers receive mandatory training including on safeguarding, security and health and safety.
  12. With the Training and Development Officer administering the formal Volunteer Guide Training programme; this includes but is not limited to arranging speakers, trainers and invigilators; booking rooms and ensuring mock tours are fitted into the Cathedral diary; developing study materials and a syllabus and communicating important information to trainees; liaising with the Institute of Tourist Guiding as relevant.
  13. Supporting the Head of Visitor Experience on developing, updating and applying Risk Assessments as they relate to the Visitor Experience Volunteers and Guides team and consistent with the Cathedral’s policies
  14. Maintaining up-to-date personal details, volunteering and training records, in line with the Cathedral’s data protection policies.
  15. Maintaining tour participation numbers; monitoring patterns and collating information.
  16. Attending regular Visitor Experience Manager team meetings to ensure consistency of management approach and efficient sharing of information.

Any other appropriate duties that the line manager, senior management or Chapter may request from time-to-time.

The job description is an operational document that does not form part of your contract of employment. It may be that from time to time you are expected to perform tasks that may not be expressly in the job description but are nonetheless necessary in the day to day performance of your duties. St Paul's Cathedral reserves the right to amend the job description as may from time to time be necessary to meet the changing needs of the organisation.

We are looking for someone with:

  • Demonstrable experience of daily operational team management of a visitor attraction or similar, with a practical mind and good problem-solving ability;
  • Excellent relationship-building and inter-personal skills, including effective listening skills;
  • Proven successful experience of working with volunteers and understanding the different motivations and issues around volunteering;
  • A collaborative working style, able to work well with the Volunteer Team Leaders, colleagues in the Visitor Experience Team and others across the Cathedral, especially the central Volunteer Coordinator and other HR and training colleagues;
  • Experience of creating, administering, developing or delivering training programmes;
  • Ideally, experience of recruiting volunteers;
  • Certified First Aid training or the willingness and ability to complete the training;
  • Good written and oral communications skills;
  • Proven, successful experience of administration and coordinating meetings, with accurate record-keeping skills, awareness of data protection and excellent task completion; and
  • Who has a flexible approach to working, and is able to work on each of the seven days of the week to cover all teams, who work Sundays to Saturdays.

The successful candidate will be in sympathy with, and in their work support, the Christian aims and mission of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Our Mission Statement

St Paul’s Cathedral seeks to enable people in all their diversity to encounter the transforming presence of God in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

  • St Paul’s is seen primarily as a living Christian Church
  • We will be a centre for welcome, worship and learning, and though our care and imagination, will inspire successive generations to engage with the richness of the Christian faith and its heritage.
  • Working with the Bishop and Diocese of London and the wider Church, we will be a spiritual focus for people across London, the nation and a broader international audience.
  • Our work will promote dignity and justice for everyone.

Our Values

Welcome – we all offer a warm inclusive welcome to everyone: our colleagues, volunteers and each and every visitor

Responsible – we are all responsible for each other and for part of the whole of the Cathedral’s work, not the whole of a part

Effective – we are professional and do what we say we are going to do

Nourish – we have a learning culture, not a blame culture