St Paul's Cathedral Head of Information Technology

This job has now expired
£53000 - £57000

The Head of IT has overall responsibility for the support and development of all aspects of IT used within the Cathedral, ensuring expected service levels are met, services are delivered within agreed budgets and initiating IT change projects that are completed on time, within budget and deliver the expected benefits. The Head of IT also provides vision, strategic thinking and leadership for the Cathedral in the use, development and management of IT to ensure that the Cathedral makes best use of technology.

St Paul's draws together a very diverse set of activities, projections and aspirations. It is the Cathedral of the Diocese of London and the seat of its Bishop, a national church and an international spiritual focus, a space for worship and holiness, a place of debate and challenge, an icon of resilience in the face of adversity, an architectural heritage centre, a partner in the City of London, and a commercial enterprise. In addition to holding four services every day (five on Sundays), St Paul's is open for sight-seeing six days a week, and in 2018 welcomed over 850,000 paying visitors.

Main Duties

  1. Manage the delivery of IT support services to ensure IT applications, systems and services remain available for use and function as intended, in accordance with expected service levels based on a 7 day a week business.
  2. Identify IT-based change that will deliver benefits to the Cathedral, present proposals for approval by senior management and project manage the implementation of agreed changes to time, budget and quality.
  3. Develop a long term IT vision for the Cathedral.
  4. Develop and implement the Cathedral’s IT strategy.
  5. Understand IT security risks and implement measures to mitigate the risks.
  6. Produce and maintain policies governing the use and security of IT within the Cathedral.
  7. Present the annual IT budget for approval and ensure services are delivered within the agreed budget.
  8. Manage the internal IT team performing day to day staff management duties and motivating team members to provide a first rate service to the Cathedral.
  9. Manage relationships and contracts with third party IT suppliers.
  10. Carry out the wider role of a Head of Department including: supporting our Mission and Vision and working in line with our Values; contributing to discussions, decisions and policy development across the Cathedral; ensuring risk management, health and safety, and safeguarding policies and procedures are implemented for the Department; and representing IT at Cathedral management meetings.
  11. Any other appropriate duties that the line manager, senior management or Chapter may request from time-to-time.

The job description is an operational document that does not form part of your contract of employment.  It may be that from time to time you are expected to perform tasks that may not be expressly in the job description but are nonetheless necessary in the day to day performance of your duties. St Paul's Cathedral reserves the right to amend the job description as may from time to time be necessary to meet the changing needs of the organisation.

We are looking for someone who has proven experience of the following:

  • Overall responsibility for the support and development of IT services for a complex and diverse organisation, perhaps as a Network Manager, Head of IT, IT Manager, IT Support Manager or Head of Information Systems;
  • Successful delivery of IT change projects within an organisation;
  • Responsibility for the management of a significant IT budget;
  • Developing IT strategy and policy-based documents for approval by senior management;
  • Management of a technical IT team;
  • Managing relationships and contracts with third party suppliers;
  • Hands on solving of technical IT problems; and
  • Responsibility for managing information and business systems e.g. a HR; Payroll; CRM; Finance system or POS.

Required skills and knowledge

  • The ability to think strategically and understand the bigger picture and long term objectives;
  • The ability to understand and translate business requirements and processes into technology based change;
  • The ability to present and explain complex technical matters to non-technical people;
  • Good interpersonal skills with ability to adapt their approach for a diverse group of people;
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet challenging deadlines;
  • Project management skills;
  • Understanding of data protection and information management practises and guidelines; and
  • Understanding and awareness of the security threats currently faced by organisations.

The successful candidate will be in sympathy with, and in their work support, the Christian aims and mission of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Our Mission Statement

St Paul's Cathedral seeks to enable people in all their diversity to encounter the transforming presence of God in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

  • St Paul's is seen primarily as a living Christian Church
  • We will be a centre for welcome, worship and learning, and though our care and imagination, will inspire successive generations to engage with the richness of the Christian faith and its heritage.
  • Working with the Bishop and Diocese of London and the wider Church, we will be a spiritual focus for people across London, the nation and a broader international audience.
  • Our work will promote dignity and justice for everyone.

Our Values

Welcome -we all offer a warm inclusive welcome to everyone: our colleagues, volunteers and each and every visitor

Responsible - we are all responsible for each other and for part of the whole of the Cathedrals work, not the whole of a part

Effective - we are professional and do what we say we are going to do

Nourish we have a learning culture, not a blame culture