Lay Training Officer

This job has now expired
£13558.5 - £13558.5

The Diocese of Leeds wish to recruit a 0.5 Lay Training Officer (based in the Ripon Episcopal Area, mostly working from home) who will work collaboratively as part of the lay training team to:

  • resource congregations and individuals to enable their witness to Christ;
  • develop a coordinated programme of training and development for a range of lay ministries;
  • identify and plan programmes for younger adults;
  • support students in their learning and development.

This is a superb opportunity for someone who is committed to training and development in the Church of England.

Overall Purpose

In line with the General Synod Report, Setting God’s People Free, to work as part of a diocesan team of lay training officers to provide high quality theological education and training to deepen the discipleship and mission of adults within this diverse diocese delivering accredited and non-accredited courses, in episcopal areas across the diocese, with a focus on the Ripon Episcopal Area.

As part of the Lay Training team:

  • work collaboratively with a new School of Ministry team so that there is seamless provision for people wishing to access learning at different levels,
  • take responsibility for an area of training in line with one or more of the specific areas of work as appropriate to the Episcopal Areas.

The vision is that of a learning community that discerns, develops and forms the gifts that the people of God bring to the mission and ministry of the church. The Diocese aims to provide high quality training that is both relevant and appropriate as it seeks to grow a mixed economy church delivering the diocesan vision of Confident Christians……..Growing Churches…..Transforming Communities.

Principal Tasks

Working collaboratively within the diocesan lay training team and the Ripon Episcopal Area Team:

  • identify training needs to equip lay people in discipleship and mission.
  • take responsibility for the development and planning of programmes specific to the Ripon Episcopal Area.
  • develop a coordinated programme of training and development for a range of lay ministries.
  • ensure a comprehensive and integrated programme which includes a range of other lay training, such as Leading Youth Church Into Growth (LYCiG), JSP, Faithful Neighbours, spiritual direction course, safeguarding, to provide integrated learning pathways.
  • take responsibility for the delivery of training in one or more of the areas of work and specific to the Ripon Episcopal Area.
  • plan and resource congregations and individuals to enable their witness to Christ.
  • support students in their learning and development.
  • be central to the continuing development of blended and online learning via the Digital Learning Platform (Moodle).
  • oversee the delivery of Spiritual Directors Training.
  • contribute to the delivery of diocesan strategy initiatives.

Job description

Working with the lay training team and area bishop:

  • identify training needs to equip lay people in discipleship and mission and to help others become followers of Jesus.
  • develop a coordinated programme of training and development for a range of lay ministries, from short modular courses to pathways for accredited lay ministries, in the light of the Resourcing Ministerial Education Report.
  • provide training in shared leadership for laity and clergy.
  • collaborate with programmes such as LYCiG, LICC, Spiritual Direction Training, Cursillo, Youth and Children, Safeguarding etc. to provide integrated learning pathways.
  • provide programmes accessible for those with few formal educational qualifications at the appropriate theological depth.
  • identify the learning needs of younger adults and provide targeted programmes.
  • provide learning pathways in preparation for undergraduate Theology.

As part of a team to plan training and development:

  • organise study programmes: appoint local tutors, negotiate dates, book venues and advertise using the Digital Learning Platform and Eventbrite
  • provide basic study skills for students, including IT to prepare/support students in their studies.
  • teach specific modules on the programme across the episcopal areas.
  • maintain and support the team of tutors to deliver modules including giving guidance and support, in regard to, for example: organisation, adult learning styles, feedback, module evaluation.
  • engage in record keeping, assessment and evaluation of courses.
  • ensure sufficient resources are available to students.
  • organise quiet days and study days, taster days, short courses through the year.
  • prepare and develop blended and online learning using Moodle and the Digital Learning Platform involving creation of short films, uploading files, developing appropriate and accessible resources.

Other Key Tasks

  • keep abreast of current and emerging thinking and developments in the theology and practice of discipleship, mission and ministry, providing strategic advice to the Director of Lay Training.
  • develop support networks for those involved in ministries such as lay evangelists, lay pioneers etc.
  • other training/events.
  • provide occasional theology days.

For more details, see the attached job description and person specification.


It is essential for the Lay Training Officer to be an ordained or lay person, with proven experience of training and adult learning, with:

  • A degree, ideally in Theology
  • Evidence of continuing professional and self-development
  • Evidence of theological literacy commensurate with lay training needs

And it is desirable for them to have:

  • Postgraduate qualifications in (i) theology and ministry and/or (ii) adult education


It is essential for the Lay Training Officer to show:

  • A demonstrable contribution to building ‘confident Christians, growing Church and transforming communities’.

  • A good working knowledge of the Church of England at parish, deanery and diocesan levels.

  • A gifted adult educator, abreast of current and emerging patterns in the theology and practice of discipleship and models of ministry and mission within the Church of England; energised by the possibilities for integrated learning/ training.

  • Confident and creative with various forms of ICT, audio-visual technologies, Eventbrite and Wordpress with an understanding of blended learning.

  • Experience of developing Christian lay training, formation programmes, preferably with experience of Reader training and formation and including externally accredited courses.

  • Experience of identifying learning needs, encouraging, guiding and supporting learners eg providing course advice and basic study skills including IT.

  • Experience of working with diverse theological and ecclesiastical traditions.

  • Evidence of having formed effective working relationships with a diverse range of people and with a range of internal and external partners.

  • Proven track record of enabling leadership which grows the confidence and gifts of God’s people.

And desirable that they have:

  • Experience of working with various educational levels and styles in the planning and delivery of training, sensitive to the aptitudes of individuals and their different ways of learning.
  • Experience of church life in rural areas.

Leadership, Skills and Disposition

It is essential for the Lay Training Officer to be:

  • Committed to developing discipleship and lay ministry and mission within the Church of England.
  • Committed to ‘every member ministry’ and life-long learning with the ability to enthuse, to listen and to resource others.
  • Committed to working collaboratively with others.
  • Ability to recruit and support tutors with regard to course content, administration, marking, feedback, module evaluation; ability to maintain and ensure appropriate resources.
  • Ability in quality assurance, record keeping, assessment and evaluation.
  • Ability to manage a complex workload with competing demands.
  • Good organisational, communication, pastoral and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to write clear and concise reports and high level of computer literacy.
  • Self-motivated, with the ability to work well both independently and as part of a team.
  • Prepared and willing to work outside office hours (including evenings and week-ends) as a normal feature of the post

And desirable that they have the:

  • Ability to develop accredited programmes, including Reader training, for a wide spectrum of people, including those with few formal educational qualifications; ability to offer one to one student tutorials.


It is essential that the Lay Training Officer be:

  • A passionate and inspiring communicator able to engage at all levels.

Special Requirments

It is essential that the Lay Training Officer have:

  • Ability to attend meetings and deliver training across the Ripon Episcopal Area and wider Diocese.

For more details, see the attached job description and person specification.

The Anglican Diocese of Leeds came into existence at Easter 2014 following the dissolution of the former dioceses of Bradford, Ripon & Leeds, and Wakefield. It covers the whole of West Yorkshire and the western part of North Yorkshire, split into five episcopal areas. It contains a rich variety of contexts, including post-industrial towns, rural areas, city centres and multi-religious communities. The Ripon Episcopal Area is predominantly rural, covering much of the Yorkshire Dales. It includes multi-parish benefices, pioneering expressions of church and diverse forms of lay ministry.

A new Diocesan Strategy framework has recently been approved: 'sharing a vision for Confident Christians, Growing Churches, Transforming Communities; characterised by Loving, Living and Learning; enabled by Clergy and Lay Together, Purposeful Resourcing and Dynamic Partnerships and achieved by five strategic goals':

  1. Thriving as a distinctive diocese whose culture is shaped by shared vision and values
  2. Reimagining ministry
  3. Nurturing lay discipleship
  4. Building leadership pipelines
  5. Growing young people as Christians