House for Duty (St John, Flixton)

This job has now expired
Flixton St John

House For Duty


St John’s Church, Flixton

We are looking for a new minister to come and lead the church family here in a challenging and fruitful part of Manchester. You will join the parish in their 50th anniversary year, as they continue to live and share the Gospel of Christ.

We are seeking a mission focused, and collaborative person, to begin this next phase of ministry in Flixton.

To be reviewed 6 months after commencement of the appointment, and after three years

Role Purpose


  • To exercise the cure of souls shared with the bishop in this parish in collaboration with your colleagues
  • To have regard to the calling and responsibilities of the clergy as described in the Canons, the Ordinal, the Code of Professional Conduct for the Clergy, and other relevant legislation.
  • To work to advance the Kingdom of God through servant leadership, collaboration and example, and with particular regard to the current diocesan mission vision and mission goal
  • Growing - growing new disciples in missionary church communities which are younger, more diverse, active and spiritually engaged
  • Nurturing - increasing vocations, nurturing new and existing disciples, increasing financial giving
  • Serving -present for all, speaking and acting prophetically for justice, supporting pastorally especially the vulnerable, deprived and excluded

To share in the wider work of the deanery and diocese as appropriate, for the building up of the whole Body of Christ

Key contacts

  • The Church Wardens and PCC of Flixton, St John
  • The Deanery Chapter, Synod and Mission and Pastoral Committee
  • The Staff at Church House
  • The Area Dean and Lay Chair
  • The Archdeacon
  • The Suffragan Bishop

Spirituality and Tradition


  • Prayerful and a loving minister who will be committed to finding new and creative ways of sharing the faith in Jesus Christ.


  • Experience of working in the primary and secondary school sector

Experience and Understanding


  • Experience of helping the church, build on its connections within the community


  • Awareness of the skills needed to minister in a deprived context.

Skills and Competencies


  • Able to help the church grow and to develop the Diocesan Vision
  • Able to motivate and encourage lay leadership, amongst committed and active members of the church and to develop a Pastoral Team
  • To support the parish in its mission and to clarify priorities in its Mission Action Plan, looking towards the next five years
  • To continue the exploration of ministerial collaboration, as part of the Deanery Plan


  • Ability to work amongst the younger membership, and to encourage their participation in the church family

General Attributes


  • Friendly, thoughtful and approachable. Able to live and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Diocesan Statement of Needs and Expectations


The Diocese of Manchester extends over most of Greater Manchester and Rossendale and is characterised by its extraordinary diversity of communities and cultures. The vibrancy that this gives to life makes it a joyful and hopeful place to pursue God’s mission. The overall vision of the Diocese is to establish

‘a worshipping, growing and transformative Christian presence at the heart of every community’

and we firmly believe there is an opportunity to do so at this point on our journey of faith.

We have a specific missionary vision, values and goals:

Our Values

  • Faith, Hope and Love

Our Inspiration

  • We run with perseverance the race that is set before us… with our eyes fixed on Jesus

Our Mission Goals – to be a Church which is


  • growing new disciples in missionary church communities which are younger, more diverse, active and spiritually engaged


  • increasing vocations, nurturing new and existing disciples, increasing financial giving


  • present for all, speaking and acting prophetically for justice, supporting pastorally especially the vulnerable, deprived and excluded

Guided by this vision, the Diocese is engaged on a process of strategic planning for the future, led by a ‘Strategic Implementation Team’ that includes the three bishops and others with specific gifts in this area.

The Bishop has the resolve to appoint in this Diocese only clergy who have a clear sense of calling to the particular post and are committed, under God, to the Diocesan vision, and its values, inspiration and goals. We believe that mission and ministry are properly undertaken collaboratively, working with neighbouring parishes, specialist and sector ministries, and ecumenical and wider community partners. Clergy will be expected to work collegially with other ordained ministers and lay people to encourage and sustain the wider mission and ministry of the church. Clergy and parishes are strongly encouraged to undertake a process of ‘Mission Action Planning’.

Clergy are expected to encourage and enable the gifts and ministries of all God’s people and especially to help individuals explore any possible call to ordination (including Ordained Local Ministry), Reader Ministry or Authorised Lay Ministry.

Education is a major factor in the life of the diocese and its mission to young people. There are 192 church schools and a growing number of academies. Unless there is very good reason, where there is a Church School in the parish the minister of that parish is expected to carry out conscientiously the role of ex officio Governor, as part of a wider ministry in the school, although in the case of benefices with several schools no member of the clergy should act as Governor of more than two schools.

We are committed to promoting the well-being of clergy, and in a 2015 survey 91.6% of all the clergy who responded either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, ‘I enjoy ministry in the Diocese of Manchester’.

It is normal for a priest to have a ministerial interest wider than the benefice itself that takes something in the region of 10% of their working time.

Except where required under the terms of the Priests (Ordination of Women) Measure 1993 or the House of Bishops Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests 2014 we are committed to ensuring that the Diocese does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of criteria unrelated to their ability to function as a priest in the benefice.

All ministerial appointments in the Diocese are subject to enhanced DBS Disclosure and we are obliged under the requirements of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 to request documentation which will satisfy its requirements of proof of eligibility to work in the UK.


The Deanery of Stretford is South of the city centre and on the edge of Manchester Diocese, bordering on to Chester Diocese.

The Deanery is diverse in its worship and economic status, from Old Trafford in the East to Flixton in the West.

It comprises 10 parishes, with 8 stipendiary priests and 12 SSM's with 2 further ordinands who will be ordained this year. We also have access to 2 retired priests with PTO and 5 readers.

Two parishes in Urmston share one stipendiary and one OLM and we are beginning to encourage other parishes to work together towards (probably) 6 stipendiaries in the next 5 years.

St John, Flixton and St Michael, Flixton are already working on ways they can work closer together, while keeping their own identities and they are, for example, sharing Lent with each other this year and it will be a wonderful experience for both parishes as they get to know each other.

The Deanery are now the first Dementia Aware Deanery in the Diocese, which shows the willingness of all ten parishes to work together for the benefit of all people in Trafford and we continue to explore other initiatives together.

Chapter is changing from just an information dissemination opportunity, into a worship sharing and corporate support opportunity, where we meet, pray and chat.