Executive Assistant to the Bishop of London

This job has now expired

London is a world-facing city which is multi-cultural and multi-faith. It is both cosmopolitan and suburban, economically successful and confident. It is a city of energy and diversity: London is open to all.

The Church of England in the Diocese of London is in good heart – a Christian presence in every community, churches confident to speak and live out their faith in Jesus Christ, compassionate in action and creatively working in partnership with others to build strong and diverse communities.

The Bishop’s Office is located in The Old Deanery. In 2019 it was completely refurbished and in addition to the Bishop’s Office now also houses the offices of the Archdeaconry of London. Close working with the Archdeaconry team is essential.

The Old Deanery also has meeting rooms and a library which are frequently used for meetings by other members of the Senior Staff.

As Executive Assistant to the Bishop of London, you will give vital personal support to the Bishop, ensuring a warm and generous welcome to all who come to see her.

You will work collaboratively and proactively, managing the Bishop's Office and the reception team while juggling a wide range of administration and coordinating tasks.

Relishing the challenge of this busy and varied role, you will demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, administrative expertise and the ability to work as part of our team with joy and dedication.

Interviews will be held on the 12th and the 23rd July 2019 at The Old Deanery.

The main responsibilities for this role are:

To manage and delegate the work of the Bishop’s Office including:

  • Keeping an overview of all that happens in The Old Deanery.
  • Working closely with the Archdeaconry Administrator and other members of the Archdeaconry team.
  • Reviewing and developing procedures within the Office and across The Old Deanery to maintain and improve efficiency.
  • Delegating to, and supervising, the work of the reception staff and other staff as required by the Bishop.
  • Maintaining good working relationships with those who work in the Diocesan Offices (Causton Street), the Cathedral, and the offices of the Bishop’s Senior Staff.
  • Having sight where necessary of all communications coming into and going out of the Bishop’s Office and, in liaison with the Bishop’s Advisors, ensuring appropriate action is taken to progress these communications.
  • Handling a wide range of telephone enquiries with confidence, warmth and diplomacy.
  • Ensuring secretarial support for the Bishop.
  • Drafting letters, documents and presentations for the Bishop as requested.

Two Cities Area

  • Preparation of all SOPs (Statement of Particulars/contracts), liaising with HR at the Diocesan Office for signing off, and then write to the individual priest involved, monitoring return of such forms.
  • Preparation of clergy files when Bishop is interviewing Two Cities clergy, ensuring relevant file is up to date and to hand for the Bishop prior to the meeting.
  • Appropriate liaison with the Archdeacon and Archdeaconry Office Team.

To manage the financial matters of the Bishop’s Office including:

  • Maintain and manage the Bishopric Expenses Account, paying invoices when appropriate and preparing quarterly returns for the Church Commissioners.
  • Manage the Bishop’s working expenses.
  • Overseeing the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund Account ensuring cheques are paid into the local Lloyds Bank branch when received from parishes.

To oversee the hospitality of The Old Deanery including:

  • Work with the receptionists to ensure a warm and generous welcome to all who come to The Old Deanery.
  • To liaise with the Diary Assistant over the Bishop’s ministry of hospitality.
  • Liaising with caterers and making arrangements for the official hospitality offered in The Old Deanery in conjunction with the receptionists as required.
  • Ensuring that the venue is set up and staffed appropriately, and attending the functions as part of the hospitality team (as required by the Bishop) to ensure the smooth running of events.
  • Making all necessary arrangements for meetings, seminars, conferences, interviews and social events held at The Old Deanery.

Overseeing The Old Deanery including:

  • Managing the reception staff.
  • Working with the Archdeaconry Administrator to ensure that a schedule of maintenance work is in place.
  • Ensuring that the activity of The Old Deanery is managed.

*For full details of this role, please see the attached job description below.

The ideal candidate for this role are;

Personal Effectiveness

  • able to initiate and maintain good and effective administrative procedures
  • an instinct and commitment to work collaboratively
  • able to manage people
  • able to prioritise effectively
  • able to be appropriately protective of the Bishop
  • pays close attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind
  • has a robust attitude towards criticism from the public, is able to stay calm under pressure and to diffuse the occasional difficult phone call
  • has a strong sympathy with the Christian faith and the Church of England, and an ability to share in the ethos of the Bishop’s office and household
  • have the personal resilience needed to be able to cope with the sometimes challenging issues which are dealt within a bishop’s office
  • have an understanding of the importance of safeguarding.


  • establishes and maintains excellent working relationships with colleagues
  • excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills, dealing with people from all walks of life with courtesy and, where necessary, firmness
    • demonstrates a warm, polite, helpful manner
    • communicates effectively with people at all levels, both inside and outside the Church
    • understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality without being secretive
  • able to be a critical friend to the Bishop
  • able to admit mistakes and to learn from them.


  • demonstrates excellent presentation, layout and accuracy in text production
  • demonstrates ability to draft or adapt standard letters as appropriate
  • has proven ability to use computers for word processing, spreadsheet and databases, including PowerPoint
  • audio types accurately
  • demonstrates competence in managing accounts and a budget effectively
  • has an aptitude for developing and reviewing office systems in response to availability of new technology.

Administration and Supervision

  • demonstrates good standard of numeracy
  • demonstrates excellent standards of literacy, grammar and spelling
  • works flexibly
  • meets deadlines
  • demonstrates aptitude for supervising junior members of staff effectively and is committed to their development
  • displays good judgement in knowing when and to whom to delegate.


  • educated to ‘A’ level or above or equivalent
  • proficient use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Explorer
  • proven ability to use databases
  • proven ability to manage a budget efficiently
  • proven ability to manage a varied workload efficiently.

The Church of England is committed to equality of opportunity for all. Our employees form one community using their diverse cultures and talents to serve the objectives and purposes of the Church of England.

We are committed to respecting the dignity and worth of each individual and fostering a climate of tolerance and diversity. These commitments are integral to our Christian ethos.

For further information please visit www.bishopoflondon.org and www.london.anglican.org