Mission Priest (Priest-in-Charge)

This job has now expired
Priory Gardens, Folkestone

We are looking for a priest to help us build on over 1400 years of service to Folkestone and discover how best to serve our community in today's world. Folkestone is a place that is changing for the better and we hope we can as well. Our parish is liberal catholic with a strong musical tradition. We have a wonderful building, a willing congregation and two marvellous schools. We hope that our new priest can work with us, these building blocks and the Holy Spirit to build up a vibrant parish for Folkestone.

This is a full time, stipendiary post on Common Tenure.


St Mary & St Eanswythe with St Saviour

MISSION PRIEST (Priest in Charge)

Folkestone is a town that is on the up, embracing new opportunities and working for the good of its people. Our parish also wants to embrace the opportunities before us so that we can serve God and his people in this place, build on 1400 years of service, use the gifts God has given us and be a vibrant expression of his love for all.

Our new Mission Priest will be able to work with us and our tradition to help build us into that church with the vision that those in our church and community can realise their full potential as children of God.

Closing date: 30/08/2019

Interviews: 19/09/2019

Any queries to the Archdeacon of Ashford’s PA, Louise Mills: louise.mills@archdeacashford.org

  • To lead the worshipping life of the parish.
  • To enable all members of the congregation to grow in the understanding of our faith.
  • To develop our pastoral care, creating teams who can undertake visiting, bereavement care, support for single parent families and a healing and wholeness ministry of listening.
  • To work within the Liberal Catholic and musical traditions of the parish to explore new ways of expressing our faith and engaging with the entire parish community to attract new Christians.
  • To engage with local schools, especially the two Church Schools, in order to provide pastoral support, to lead in worship and be a resource for the Christian faith.
  • To engage with the civic life of Folkestone, enabling St Mary and St Eanswythe’s to play a full part in the life of the town.
  • To work with colleagues in the parish, town, deanery and diocese in building God's Kingdom.

We are looking for an experienced priest, a clear preacher who would uphold our liberal Anglican Catholic tradition, someone:

  • With a vision for St Mary and St Eanswythe's church to be a thriving hub of the community and with a heart for the people of Folkestone;
  • With an evangelistic outlook for the town of Folkestone - meeting physical and spiritual needs of the town and the Creative Quarter;
  • With a passion for education, to maintain strong links with our parish schools St Eanswythe's - 220 children St Mary's - approx. 420 children;
  • With a love of children and an ability to relate well to them;
  • Who is enthusiastic and a team player, developing the ministry of the whole church;
  • With a pastoral heart for their congregation and the staff, pupils and families within their schools;
  • Who is keen to work with neighbouring parishes and other denominations in the local area taking a leading role in specific events that further the Mission and Ministry in the area;
  • The new priest-in-charge would have the active support of the Churchwardens and PCC in all matters of ministry and personal development including study leave and sabbaticals.

For more information about this application process, please use this link

We're the historic parish church of Folkestone, serving the town centre and an area reaching to the top of the North Downs.

Approximately 13,800 people live within the parish, which is the 321st most deprived out of 12,000 in the country.

Our church life has reflected the ups and downs of Folkestone - but the town has entered a new chapter of hope after difficult times and we feel we are too. We'd like a priest to join us on that journey.