Diocesan Director of Ordinands

This job has now expired
Church House Guildford, 20 Alan Turing Road, Guildford
Competitive salary with generous pension provision

We are seeking to appoint a new Director of Ordinands (DDO) to play a key role within our Diocese. Our Diocese is shaped by an exciting vision and strategy for growth, Transforming Church, Transforming Lives (TCTL), within which our DDO bears responsibility for the recruitment of future clergy as well as contributing to the development of lay leaders.

We have worked to develop a culture of vocation across the diocese. With the help of a team of Assistant DDOs, the DDO will expect to oversee 25-30 people each year engaged in discernment towards ordination, a number that we hope will continue to grow in line with the need and the goal nationally.

We are seeking someone whose ministry with others is characterised by:

  • ears attuned to discerning the wonders and whispers of God calling;
  • a contagious spirit that fosters lively faith and expectant service, and
  • a receptive heart that delights in reflecting on stories and experience.
  • To advise the Bishop of Dorking in relation to the discernment, preparation for BAP and sponsorship of candidates for ordination at all points in their journey of discernment and in relation to the training needs of ordinands (Initial Ministerial Training (IME) 1-3);
  • To oversee the training programme for curates (IME 4-7) and the team of tutors (currently 8) and the equipping of clergy in their capacity as training incumbents;
  • To work with cathedral colleagues for the preparation and organisation of ordinations;
  • To work collaboratively and supportively with all involved in the training and equipping of leaders, lay and ordained, across our parishes. This includes the Local Ministry Programme and all who work to support the range of ordained, licensed or designated ministries, including LLMs (Readers), Pastoral Assistants, Occasional Preachers and Youth Workers. Such colleagues will include tutors, counsellors and mentors/coaches;
  • To be the key point of reference in seeing to the pastoral care of all in the enquiry, ordination and curacy process;
  • To be an active member of the Mission team at Church House, collaboratively serving parishes in their task of mission and ministry around the diocese;
  • To work closely with the Diocesan Secretary and their team in the administrative, finance, HR, housing and communication functions as these pertain to working in vocations, with ordinands and with curates, and to be accountable for the RME budget in particular.



  • A diploma or degree in theology


  • Exposure to the world of higher (postgraduate) education



  • At least 5 years in ordained ministerial roles
  • Experience in vocational discernment as well as pastoral care
  • Responsibility beyond the parish at deanery or diocesan level
  • Working with and across both lay and ordained ministries, to nurture collaborative pastoral leadership
  • Contributing to initial or continuing professional/ministerial education


  • Ideally 10 years in varying church leadership roles
  • Experience as a BAP adviser
  • Experience as a Training Incumbent
  • Experience of training/teaching in initial or continuing ministerial education
  • Experience of spiritual direction and/or counselling



  • An agility in handling and teaching Scripture that helps Christians to hear God speaking and inspires them to follow
  • In-depth knowledge of the Church of England, its organisation and governance structures
  • Familiarity with published CofE papers and policies relevant to this work, for example on IME, RME, on safeguarding, on lay ministry
  • A deep understanding of safeguarding matters and responsibilities


  • Participation in shaping or setting policy for ministry or mission in a diocesan or other institutional context
  • A knowledge of mental health issues
  • Some knowledge of clinical psychology and therapeutic forms of treatment

This role carries an occupational requirement to be a practising Christian in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, indeed to be ordained (whether as priest or as permanent deacon) in the Church of England or other Anglican province

The Diocese of Guildford covers the western two-thirds of Surrey and a significant area of north-east Hampshire. It also includes one parish in a London borough and one in rural West Sussex. In the north-east, it is largely suburban, but moving south and west, there are a number of distinct towns and numerous villages. The south-west has a more rural feel to it, but the north-east is largely suburban. The population is just over a million, rising in line with the national rate.

The Diocese has two archdeaconries, each with six deaneries, and a total of 161 parishes.A great deal of the work of the church is done at a local level by the parishes. The diocesan teams support and encourage the work of the parishes, and also work with wider networks to the mutual benefit of the church and society at local, regional and national levels.

Transforming Church, Transforming Lives is the vision of the Diocese of Guildford, launched in September 2016 following a long period of prayer and consultation. It envisages individuals and church communities open to the transforming work of God’s Spirit in their own lives, and so becoming agents of Christ’s transformation to the world around them.