Community and Mission Priest

This job has now expired

Community and Mission Priest

The Benefice of Faversham

We are seeking an inspirational, mission minded, full stipend, priest to support and grow our benefice.

Focussing on “building” the kingdom, not maintaining the “building”.

We have revisited all job descs. across the Benefice - exciting times.

We find God amazing – come share our joy and grow with us!

Closing date: 2 June 2019

Interviews: 27 June 2019

Applications/questions to: Samantha Mann, PA to Archdeacon of Maidstone

Email: Tel: 01622 200221

Full details and profile:

  • To share with the Bishop both in the cure of souls and in responsibility, under God, for our Diocesan objectives. Changed lives - Changing lives.
  • Growing the Church, numerically and spiritually
  • Re-imagining ministry for lay and ordained
  • Building partnerships that enrich communities
  • To have regard to the calling and responsibilities of the clergy as described in the Canons, the Ordinal, the Code of Professional Conduct for the Clergy and other relevant legislation including safeguarding.
  • To build up the Kingdom of God in the Benefice by helping to lead the four congregations into growth in depth of discipleship, in numbers and in service to their local communities.
  • Creatively develop links with local communities so that the church becomes increasingly a sign of God’s love to all those who live in the parishes.
  • Leading in ministry and evangelism to the wider community, developing outreach strategies to create opportunities for individuals of all ages to discover God’s love for them and choose to become followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Discovering opportunities to work with people of any faith and none for the ‘common good’ of the local neighbourhood as a whole.
  • Undertaking parish priest duties including conducting funerals, weddings, baptisms and other occasional offices, in conjunction with the lay and ordained team.
  • Leading in pastoral care, teaching, nurturing faith and the planning and leading of worship and preaching.
  • Working with the Diocese and Deanery in achieving the Diocesan goals.

Vicar – Specific to role

  • To be a focus for unity within the Benefice. Holding a vision for the four churches working together, that reflects each church’s individual identity whilst working as a whole Benefice.
  • Provide ministry as Vicar within the Benefice of Faversham and ensure its effective and communicative leadership.
  • To discern, evolve and nurture the development of lay ministry in the church.
  • Intentionally draw forth a mission plan for the Benefice of Faversham in collaboration with the Community and Mission Priest and Wardens through the PCC’s.
  • Give clear leadership in the areas of buildings, finance and PCC’s
  • For the purposefulness of God, to lead good collaboration of the PCC’s, joint PCC’s and Benefice Wardens meetings through effective communication.
  • Uphold and lead a sense of confidence in the gospel and the church.
  • Develop productive partnerships with local schools
  • Assisting and ensuring that appropriate worship, preaching and pastoral care is provided in the churches. Encouraging lay ministry and the participation of our congregation in leading elements of worship and service.
  • Leading the administration of the Benefice and undertaking any other reasonable duties as appropriate.
  • Taking overall responsibility for Civic Services and duties.


To be reviewed regularly with Diocesan mentor (including mutual feedback with Wardens and CMP). Annually through the MDR.

  • Administration and Communication: Structure an effective plan for Administration across the Benefice.
  • Draw together a functioning ministry team across the Benefice which meets regularly for the delivery of worship and pastoral care.
  • Lay Ministry: Discern with individuals, lay ministry and seek the provision of appropriate training.
  • Growing the ‘Church’ and the churches in the Benefice, numerically and spiritually. Working with the Community and Mission Priest and Wardens through the PCC’s in developing and implementing Mission Action Plans for each church and the Benefice.
  • Evolve the liturgy that respects each church’s unique flavour to allow greater lay leadership of services.
  • Have an overview of buildings. Assist wardens through the PCC’s to develop Statements of Need for each Church that is outward facing. Assuring a person is in place to lead faculty applications in each church.

Community and Mission Priest Specific to role.

  • Growing and enabling mission and ministry to those who reside in The Benefice of Faversham. Making disciples and growing the Kingdom.
  • Encouraging and promoting creative outward facing evangelism across the Benefice. At a strategic and operational level (including supporting and communicating with the clergy and lay team) to grow existing congregations and create initiatives in the community.
  • Bring together a gifted team across the Benefice to focus on Outreach.
  • Significant housing development is occurring which presents an exciting challenge. Engage with the many families moving into the area.
  • Be an effective networker, who demonstrates experience in this field.
  • Take a leading role in specific events that further the Mission and Ministry of The Benefice of Faversham. e.g. Active Church and creative events in the community.
  • The post-holder is not expected to be responsible for buildings and may share responsibility to chair PCC meetings. The vision behind this post is that the post-holder will focus on the mission of the church both at a community and at Benefice level.
  • Provide a presence, while developing relationships, in some of our seven schools in the area. Being respectful of existing relationships that have already been built with St Mary of Charity and Ospringe School Church Schools.
  • Lead Sunday Worship with the Vicar and Ministry team across the Benefice including a share of occasional offices as per the rota. Intentionally leading on the missional opportunities that occasional offices bring.
  • Develop mission plans with the Vicar and each PCC in the Benefice.
  • Develop a strategy for growing disciples within the Benefice churches.
  • To work with the community to develop identifiable projects that build the church and the community in accordance with the Diocesan strategy.


To be reviewed regularly with Diocesan mentor (including mutual feedback with Vicar/Wardens). Annually through the MDR.

  • This post is partially funded by the Diocese, with the expectation that after 7 years the post will be financially self-sustaining
  • Develop mission action plans with the Vicar and Church Wardens through the PCCs in the Benefice
  • Develop a strategy for growing disciples within the Benefice Churches
  • To work with the Community to develop identifiable projects that build the church and the Community in accordance with the Diocesan Strategy.

For more information about this application process, please use this link